NETHERLANDS: EU Regulatory fungicides team brings visit to Dutch growers

Arysta LifeScience Netherlands started with the direct market approach at the start of this year. Since then, a better customer interaction is being established. To show the Arysta EU Regulatory fungicide team (Ougrée) some of the grower conditions in the Netherlands, the Dutch arable and horticultural Crop Managers arranged a visit to a big chrysanthemum grower and an apple orchard, last June. 

In between these two visits, a tour was given on one of the trial platforms that Arysta is working with. The regulatory team looked at trials with i.a. Chlorprofam, Diprospero and Royal MH. It is extremely valuable for the regulatory team to have a better understanding on how the different crops are grown, and to see how registered product labels do or do not correspond to practice. 

The visit to the Netherlands has been an inspiration for the Regulatory team to continue their day-to-day work in defending existing and registering new products for our customers. A better understanding of the growing conditions in practice will improve the process of setting up regulatory dossiers. This day also contributed to a better interaction between the local Dutch team and the EU Regulatory team. Colleagues got a better impression of each other’s daily challenges. The weather was also cooperating as it was sunny and 25 degrees, which is quite unusual for the Netherlands.